1. Contractors who have been awarded development projects can apply to the SLA for a Temporary Occupation Licence (TOL) to set up temporary worksite on State land.

Criteria and Guidelines
2. The contractor must produce a copy of the contract or letter of award for the development project in his application for TOL.

3. The State land for the worksite need not be situated adjacent to or in the vicinity of the development project site. The contractor can apply for the worksite TOL even if the State land is a distance away from the development project site.

4. Subject to approvals from the technical agencies for the use of the State land for worksite, the TOL issued is generally for a short fixed term, or can be on a monthly or yearly renewable basis, provided there is no breach of the TOL conditions and the State land site is not required for any development.

5. Extension of use of the site to the existing licensee may be considered in cases where new development contracts are secured, but this is subject to availability of the State land site.

6. The TOL will be issued to the main contractor of the development project.

7. The application for TOL must be made using the prescribed form. The processing fee is $200.00.

8. In addition to the processing fee, a licence fee will be charged based on the TOL Rate Table.

9. Applicants are not to enter the site for any purpose until the TOL is issued. Unauthorised entry onto State land without a TOL is deemed as a trespass.