Geo Innovation Fund

What is the GeoInnovation Fund?

The GeoInnovation Fund (“Fund”) provides funding for the creation of innovative geospatial applications and services. It is targeted at students, developers and entrepreneurs.

Who can apply for the Fund?

The Fund is open to all individuals and companies/organizations. Proposed projects should rely on using geospatial data or delivering geospatial services.

How much funding is available?

Up to $50,000 will be available per project. The actual amount of funding for each project will be determined by the GeoInnovation Fund Project Evaluation Panel (“Panel”). An additional 20% funding will be made available if OneMap is used as the basemap for the project. However, the total amount of funding will not exceed $50,000.

What are the supportable items?

The following components are eligible for funding up to 100% :

  • Equipment – hardware and software
  • Materials and ICT services
  • Applying for Intellectual Property Rights
  • Marketing and Publicity Expenses
  • Training
  • Others - can be considered on a case-by-case basis

What are the evaluation criteria?

The proposals will be evaluated in the following areas, with innovation being a key factor in the evaluation:

  • Innovativeness of the solution
  • Impact
  • Sustainability
  • Clarity of project deliverables and feasibility of implementation

How will the grant be disbursed?

Funding will be disbursed in stages over a maximum of 12 months on a reimbursement basis:

  • Upon approval of project: Up to 10% of approved funding
  • Upon attaining midway project deliverables: Up to another 40% of approved funding
  • Upon project completion: Remainder amount

Applicants will prepare and submit letters requesting reimbursement with original/certified true receipts to receive reimbursement of funds. The Fund Secretariat will verify the expenses and issue the reimbursement thereafter.

What is the application process?

The Fund Secretariat will inform successful applicants of the funding supported and the process for reimbursement of funds. Applications can be submitted throughout the year. Applicants are also required to make a presentation to the Panel upon request.

Geo Innovation Fund

What are the conditions of award?

Successful applicants of the Fund are to:

  • Provide quarterly updates on the project via emails/presentations/demos.
  • Showcase funded project at activities determined by SLA (e.g. website, road shows, exhibitions, conferences).

How do I apply?

You can download the Fund application form here.

Please contact the Fund Secretariat (Mr Brian Liu, DID: 6478 3672) for enquiries regarding your application or if you need further information. Alternatively, you can refer to the FAQ here.

You can email the completed form to Alternatively, you can post the hardcopy to:

Singapore Land Authority
55 Newton Road  #12-01 Revenue House
Singapore 307987
Attn: GeoInnovation Fund Secretariat, GeoSpatial Division